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CLRA Licence

Any company or principal employer whose work and hiring patterns falls under the criteria of applicability of CLRA needs to apply for CLRA registration. Whereas the contractor requires a CLRA licence from the appropriate government for contracting workers to establishments. The government of India passed the CLRA or Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act in the year 1970. The terms of the Act help in averting the exploitation of subcontracting work and establishing better working conditions for contracted employees. We are the CLRA license consultants in Chennai.

As per the terms of the CLRA Act in India, all contract labours are indirect employees of the organization where they have been hired to work through a contractor.

We at Aksharaa are known as contract labour license consultants in Chennai. Any establishment that employs contract labour needs to be registered under the Act and required a CLRA licence to continue its hiring process.

Documents Required for Registration
Copy of the report that shows the legal status of the firm.
A photo of the document with allotted PF Code No.
Copy of the insurance policy or receipt or the cover note that has been received.
Challan copies to prove remittance of security deposit.
The licence fee for receiving the licence.

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