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Factory Licence Registration

We provide services for Factory Registration, which is mandatory for all factory holders to operate in India. We are familiar with every detail, involved in Factory Registration, which enables us to offer specialized services. Factory registration requires several documents to be submitted such as factory layout plan and Planning Permit, with the concerned authority. We have a list of reliable contacts which help us to carry out the whole process of Factory Registration in a speedy and hassle-free manner. We offer complete solutions that are chalked out according to the specific requirements of our clients which make us one of the reputed Factory Registration Service providers in Mumbai, India.

The Factories Act 1948 is applicable throughout the country, including Jammu & Kashmir, and covers all manufacturing processes and establishments falling within the definition of “factory” as defined u/s 2(m) of the Act. The Act is also applicable to factories belonging to the Centre/State Government (section 116). It is obligatory for every factory in India to abide by the rules and guidelines stated in the Factories Act, 1948. The first step towards establishing a factory in India is the registration of the factory, and once the registration is done, the licenses can be availed from the government.

Documents Required for Registration
Form No-2 or Combined application form for establishment of industries in form 1AA.
Construction completion report from management as per the approved plan.
Requisite Fee in shape of treasury Chalan in proper Head of Account as per fee structure notified in from time to time.
Resolution of Director/partners nominating one to act as occupier under section 2(n) of Factories Act.
Original copy of Stability Certificate issued by a recognized competent person.
Safety & Health Policy for 2(CB) and MAH category factories and other factories are employing 50 or more workers.

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