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One Person Company

One Person Company is a unique business entity which enables a single business person to operate a company entity with limited liability protection. One of the most significant benefits of OPC is that there will be just an only person as a member in OPC, whereas you need two members for incorporating and maintaining the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Private Limited Company.

The one person company is a unique legal entity when compared to the promoter providing limited liability protection to the shareholder; also have business continuity and simple to incorporate.

Documents Required for Registration
Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for director/ promoter.
Minimum 1 Nominee.
Minimum 1 director should be a resident of India.
Director's DIN (Director Identification Number)
Minimum 1 shareholder/promoter.
The minimum capital of the Authorized share is about Rs 1 lac.
Only Residents of India can be the Nominee and Shareholder.
The shareholders and directors can be the same person.

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