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Trade Mark

A trademark is a type of property category that includes the human intellect's conceptual creations. It consists of a distinguished design or signature. It could also be a combination of logos, symbols, words, phrases independently; or a combination of the same. This term is often confused with "copyright", although there is a difference between a trademark and copyright.

Trademark could be summarized as a tagline or a trademark with logo.

For the sake of corporate distinctiveness, trademarks are often displayed on the product itself, vouchers, coupons or sometimes even the company buildings.

Documents Required for Registration

Sole proprietorship

Logo to be registered
Trademark Form 48
To provide an attorney with authorisation to file your trademark application
ID and Address Proof
Partnership / LLP / Company – Small Enterprise or Startup
A copy of the logo
Signed Form 48
Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate (Optional)
Incorporation Certificate or Partnership Deed
ID and Address proof of signatory

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